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Release – 333:13 – Pro


In an evil empire of monsters, in an age of demons and barbarism, six magicians quest for love

... Heart-stomping work that tempers a Henry James creepiness with a ... 'Nobody wants to discuss how lo

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reality distortion field

we go to the theatre in order to be fooled

what do artists do ? well what artists do is to measure.

the talmud: we see things not as they are but as we are.

the world is not as it seems -
what we call reality is kind of a waking dream

we can think of ourselves as sort of a noisy channel

extending and partially correcting the noisy channels that are our bodies and minds

when we do more
we like more

emergent properties - architecture as a metaphor

fractal beauty of nature

the elementary particles are both sticky and standoffish

and in violent motion

complexity in our world

first order discreet differential equation

2nd order discreet differential equation

children are the future we send to the future

things should be as simple as possible but not simpler