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333 me!

“You do it to yourself – just you and no one else”

Once upon a time, a certain Ms. Samantha Fox said it all: “333 me! 333 me now!”

We thus welcome submissions to be included in the perpetual random mash-up that is 333. Send in your demos and sooner or later they will surface, happily married to two other, equally strange, submissions.

All sound formats accepted. No streaming files, please - downloadable material only, either as email attachments or online links. Any length is accepted: however, we reserve the right to chop off a 3'33" segment of your submission. No other procedure will be performed besides mash-up and chop, you have our word.

Mr. 333 patiently awaits your contributions at: 333@3-33.me

Alternatively, shove your submission into our SoundCloud DropBox, below:

Send 3:33 your sounds