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The 333 Sweatshop

Sweatshop #2: Royal College of Art, London

From random drawing to biting statements. Co-authorship, anonymity, adjustable methodologies, fracture, consensus, collage, compression, intense creative labour. The creative process as a process of recognition.

This is a Drawing sweatshop, aiming at producing a wealth of covers for the next 33 singles to be released.

Participants need to bring:

Themselves. Materials will be provided.

London, 4 December 2012
Royal College of Art, Drawing Studio
6-9pm – open to all RCA students

Click here to download a poster for the event.

Sweatshop #1: Futureplaces, Porto

In the 60s there was Motown, a self-professed music factory. In 2012, the music label 333 is born, and the factory is now a sweatshop. Music is everywhere now, and (nearly) everyone makes and releases music in digital environments. There is way too much music and not enough time to enjoy it all…

333 solves this problem by randomly mashing up 3 sound pieces at a time. Everyone can now listen to music 3 times more rapidly and efficiently! The 333 Sweatshop will be a production line that will complete 33 pieces of music in 3 hours and 33 minutes. Participants will access random sound sources, mash them up three at a time, and chop them off at 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Just like a good old Motown single!

Creativity is therefore moved to the listening experience. The potential for innovation through this process of structured randomness is quite vast. A concert by participants will take place the same night.

Participants need to bring:

Sound editing software (Audacity is fine)
Random sounds (preferably copyright-free)
Random images (preferably own)
USB memory stick

Outcomes: Porto, 19.10.2012

18 Oct, 10:33AM (briefing)
19 Oct, 10AM - 1:33PM (lab)
19 Oct, 10:33PM (concert)
20 Oct, 3:33PM (presentation of outcomes)
Further details: futureplaces.org

Click here to download the audio and artwork outcomes of the 333 Sweatshop, Porto, 19.10.2012 [.zip, 226 MB]
– video outcomes to follow…