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It is similar to Wolfram's theory in that what is generated must fit to a particular set of parameters in order to be perceived as music. Wolfram describes the generation as requiring some constraints so as not be be simply noise made of tones. Those parameters are given in Mandelbrot's book "The Fractal Generation of Nature". When music, no matter what kind, is plotted as a log/log of the power required to generate the frequencies, loudness and duration of all the notes, they fall into a very close correlation. Dimensional analysis examining the self-similarity provides the parameters which can then be used in a generation algorithm to create artificial music. I don't know if the lunar surface's dimensionality is close enough or if the program here adjusts the data to fit that, but this is a far sight better than the occasional CD that comes out with transformations of time series data such as EEG or radio astronomy observation into sound they claim is "music". As a scientist I find them all interesting. As a musician, this is the only one I find exciting. I'm hoping they'll put in a link allowing people to submit other data sets. Special guest Antony and the poppers

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