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Release – 333:32 – HGC


new ways to kill your mother

She travelled far but seldom failed to collect a trunkful of adversity on the way. The footprints of Elizabeth Isabella Spence, ...

i laugh out loud a few times

this film is perfect

i watch the film in real time

every fucking detail

i am in the film & not in the film (felt like writing this: not part of dream)

the film is made by a young girl

everything is right, light & referential

(mckenna's notion of objects punning)

part of the film is a slow walk through the grass at night

by the side of an old house partially (blind lemon) lit up by various kinds of faerie lights

some blue

we move to the back of the yard past the house / it's a wooden (? ) house far as i can tell in the no light. wooden house in france i think, i thought that was reserved for my new england

the camera points to the night sky

slowly our eyes adjust

we watch the sky

a filter is put over the lens

we see clearly

we watch the sky

for a long time

comets, satelites & stars

slowly slowly slowly

all all all

fucking perfect film

we are watching a film of the night sky

(another part of the film featured using a shot of young french people in a café french people are never really teenagers, they still haven't bought into that arbitrary division all that much here, kids seem to go from shorts wearing vagabonds to baguette wielding farmers around here for instance.