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Release – 333:xii


'Tis the Season to be Random – The 333 Xmas single, 2012

I don't know why, ok, ok, peace on earth (fuckin' Christmas) but they came particularly in syntony with my soul's status. Discard if this is stupid. Assuming there will be a call on the main page. Sorry, it was late and substances were taken in (a strange feeling of deja lu). Hugs I tried some color adjustment. I did NOT edit anything, you freakin' freak! If so, god bless my files without photoshop menus you because they are great. (see attached files). You fucking edited the sub-tracks that intent to show the edit I did, bastard! "333 walking away" could be there too. On the covers, it was a bit harder to accept the results of randomness are attached. The link was indeed dead. Great!